Sunday, October 21, 2012


A typical Sunday morning is quiet.  We attend church Saturday night, and then my hubby works there on Sundays.  This is our morning for the kids and I get to sleep in and chill.  I usually sit at the table with my computer and a mug of hot coffee and ready blog posts I didn't get to during the week.  It's truly my favorite way to sit and relax.  Here are a couple of my favorite I wanted to pass on to you. Click away and enjoy a good read!

So Long Self Check Out - Amy Sullivan 
Love in the Morning - Chatting at the sky


  1. Jessica,

    Thanks for the bloggy love.

    I just read your Meet Jessica section. I love that you talk about parenting kids with special needs. Our oldest struggled with lung problems and was on oxygen the first three and a half years of her life. It's crazy hard to watch your kids struggle. I wish I would have tapped more into blog land when I was struggling to be a mom of a kid with serious health needs.

    Good stuff happening here.

    Nice meeting you!