Thursday, October 18, 2012

My View

My view, right now?  Dishes.  The counters are covered from the aftermath of making breakfast & school lunches.  There is a card table with a completed puzzle in the kitchen.  No kidding.  The kitchen table where I am sitting is holding a new printer, the opened printer box, bags from Walmart, my purse, and other trash from setting up a new printer at 5:15am.

The last 24 hours have been busy, to say the least.  To explain the drama of getting my 12 year old out the door which his school work printed that's due today would take a whole different post.  There is so much to do today, and yet here I want to sit.  I sip my coffee, read my Bible, catch up on a few blogs.  Am I avoiding what must be done?  Yes!  Am I recharging myself from God's Word and other bloggers?  Yes!  I breathe deep.  There is lots to be done today.  Not counting the piano student that will walk through my door in 20 minutes.  I first must clear my head.  Sit in God's presence, and prepare myself for the busy day.

Do you find yourself ignoring what must be done, to gear up for the day ahead?

Getting up now, clinging to my Savior.  And looking forward to meeting a friend for a girls night out tonight!  I can do this!



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