Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Menu Planning - October 15

I know it's not Monday, but I do have a meal plan this week!  Better late than never?!  I tried to plan two weeks this time and did a big shopping trip last Friday.  I did account for probably 1 or 2 night eating out, plus my family is coming into town so my dad usually busy pizza, so this isn't quite 2 full weeks of meals.  But here it goes...

1. Homemade Pizza
2. Macaroni & cheese with sausage
3. Chicken pot pie (new Pioneer Woman recipe - yay!)
4. Pioneer Woman lasagna - DELISH!
5. Chili & cornbread
6. Crockpot salsa chicken, rice, served on tortillas
7. Stir fry & potsickers
8. Grilled chicken with baked potatoes
9. Teriyaki Chicken & rice
10. Tuna on rice (our we're poor, waiting for the next paycheck meal - ha!)
11. Crockpot french dips (my ultimate favorite meal.  ever!)

We usually go out to eat after church Saturday nights, so I plan that in.  And - I have a BOGO coupon for Pei Wei - so excited for that one!  This time I basically made this long list and put it on the frig and each morning have picked what we'll have that evening, it sure helps knowing the ingredients are already on hand!


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