Monday, April 1, 2013

spring break stay-cation

Museum - Bowling - The Croods - Ice Cream Sundaes - Family Movie Nights - Swimming - Aquarium 

Those words sum up our spring break last week and it was by far the best spring break we've ever had.  We had talked about leaving town for a few days, but the $$$ sure starts adding up when you consider hotel, food, gas, and then the cost of the activities as well.  We decided to stay home, but did fun day trip activities.  We were able to go the Nature & Science Museum & the Aquarium - and get their yearly memberships - for the price of a hotel for a couple nights.  I still taught piano two days so one of those days Peter spent taking the kids to a movie & swimming at the Y.  At first the kids were begging to play with friends, not sure if they'd be "bored" but by the end of the week they were saying "what are we doing as a family today?"  They all loved our week.  And it was filled with fun & rest.  Grateful.

Today it's back to school, but not quite back to life yet.  Peter has the day off work and a friend has offered to watch the younger two.  Here's to a cheap matinee movie and a much needed date!


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