Tuesday, April 2, 2013

ever need a reboot?

Tips from the Dry Cleaner

It happens like clockwork.  About twice I year I lose all domestic motivation.  I feel like I drowning in laundry, dishes, messy closets and dirty bathrooms and I can't keep up. Quite frankly I feel like giving up.  A few weeks ago it snuck up on me and I was once again drowning.  I recognized it right away and honestly went with the flow, let it runs it's course and I'm back to being a domestic and happy mommy once again.  I didn't meal plan, hardly grocery shopped, ate quite a few meals out, and apologized to my husband a lot.  He gets it - I guess.  Honestly I don't always get it, but maybe he knows this too shall pass.  (we have been married almost 15 years after all!) He reminded me over and over, it's okay - no one's house is perfect.  I love that man.  

Last week was just exactly what I needed.  We spend the entire week as a family. Going here, going there, eating out quite a bit, sleeping in, and I finally feel like the nasty domestically depressed month of March is gone. I'm refreshed, rested, and happy to report that you could eat off of my kitchen floor if you so chose, and wouldn't have to sit on clean laundry if you wanted to watch tv on our couch.  I'm back.  I'm soaking in God's Word and taking it a day at a time.  I think a good way to describe it is I've hit "Reboot" and I'm in the game again. Until November - when it rears it's ugly head once again! :)

(I still have lots of closets and bedrooms to clean, but I'm ready!)



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