Sunday, May 19, 2013

was it a coincidence?

We were running late for church.  We're never late for church!  I realized about 30 minutes before we needed to leave that all 4 kiddos needed to bathe.  They'd spent all day outside & were covered in dirt & sweat.  Not to mention a certain teenager always has a foul smell these days! We arrived with only 5 minutes to spare and by the time we got the 3 younger kiddos in their classes the announcements were already started.  We'd have to find a place to sit near the back.  Peter pointed to a pew near the back and he, Travis, and I filed in.  It was the moment I set my purse down at my feet that I realized exactly where we were sitting.  This is the exact pew and spot where Grandpa J sat every single Saturday night.  My stomach did flips.  Did God plan this?  Our worship center seats 1200 people and THIS is where we sat down?  All I could think about was Grandpa worshiping in this same spot only 2 weeks ago.  Now he was a new resident of heaven, having been with Jesus 3 days.  Last night's service took on a whole new meaning.

Yes, it could just be coincidence that we sat where we did, but I don't think so.  I'm grateful for the gentle reminder God gave me of Grandpa's legacy once again.  I was able to worship our Heavenly Father, knowing Grandpa J was worshiping face to face.


  1. Sweet post. Praying for your family.