Saturday, May 18, 2013

we will miss you grandpa

We received the call 10 minutes after he had passed away.  My husband's Grandfather had been fading for the past week and we knew the call would be soon.  We had just crawled into bed and I laid there while Peter got ready and headed out the door.  Out the door to help take care of Grandpa's body and be there for the family.  As he left I started texting a few family members and friends to pass on the news.  Never have I felt the Gospel to real and close.  It had only been 10 minutes ago that Grandpa saw Jesus face to face.  What was that like?  What was he doing now?  Jesus Christ, God's son, was living and breathing on this earth and died to pay our sinful punishment we deserve.  Because of that death and resurrection, Grandpa is in heaven.  Right now.  That truth has never felt so real as it did Thursday night.  

Grandpa, a Word War II pilot, was one of the most passionate Christ followers I know.  He would tell you that his heart's cry was to fall more madly in love with Jesus every day.  He spent literally hours a day shut in his bedroom sitting at a tiny desk praying for his family.  By name.  For hours.  What a privilege to be prayed for like that.  But also what a huge example he has set for us.  Grandpa will be sorely missed - but we know he is in a much better place.  I pray I never forget his example and love for Jesus.  I pray I can fall more madly in love with Jesus each day because of Grandpa J's life story.


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