Tuesday, July 2, 2013

send me to declare - i want to go!

I've been a closet blogger for a couple years now, and recently decided to make my online presence known to friends and family.  This space has evolved into a place to share our journey with Zachary among other things. I'm not a big numbers blogger and I may feel a bit out of place.  But, there has been a longing for a certain place online that I haven't quite found yet.  I have a passion and an idea for what could be sweet space, a needed online community.  So going to Declare intrigues me with an opportunity to learn from the best. An opportunity to bounce my ideas off people who may know where and how I could start.  And last but not least, my fellow online friends, my HelloMornings friends I know through a picture and words on a screen will be there.  How fun would it be to meet face to face?


  1. That will be SOOOOOO MUCH fun to meet the people we have seen their pictures on the screen! I hope we can meet up too, Jessica!

    Oh I am one of the closet blogger, too. Have the same passion to learn and growing. Asking the Lord to help me to use this blog conference to equip and teach me to be an blogger who impact other lives!

    Blessings for you, sweet friend!

  2. It would be oh-so-much fun!! I hope you get to come this year. I'd love to meet you!

    Thanks for your submission!

  3. okay this is going to be so hard...reading everyone's posts. I want EVERYONE to win!! Praying God will make a way for you to come to Declare. Love your heart and your desire to create a community through your blog. blessings.

  4. Have a ton of fun at the conference!