Tuesday, August 20, 2013

first day at a new school

Yesterday was a scary day ~ for all of us.  (Well, at least my 4th grader & I) The little Kindergarten dude was super excited and Peter always looks at me like I'm a little nuts when I tear up the first day of school. 

Kaylee is entering 4th grade this year and I get it.  I get her fears.  We moved farther into town this summer and decided to switch schools.  New teachers, new friends, everything is different for her.  We're not in our charter school comfort zone, and let me tell you I think that's going to be good.  We're facing more of the real world here.  More on that in another post.  Back to Kaylee.  I asked all my relatives to pray for her.  She was so nervous.  My sweet family called and texted her before school and prayed all day.  I was so excited to see her walk out that door after school with a skip in her step and a smile on her face.  God stepped in and walked with her.  She had a wonderful day!

Daniel couldn't have been more excited to start school.  Our school district does full day Kindergarten so he got to take a lunch and that was like icing on the cake.  He also loved his first day.  Last night tucking him in he said "Mom I started crying just a little bit when you left."  He pointed at his eye, "my eye got just a little wet."  I wanted to melt. 

So here we go - off to day 2, and I'm so grateful for God showing once again he has us where he wants us right now.  On to the pictures...!

Ready to go!

4th Grade


I love this picture so much!  We can walk to school - it's about a minute's walk.  
No more long carpool line for us!

Lining up with his teacher.

Done for the day and a little tired but still smiling!