Monday, August 19, 2013

i don't think i'm crazy - do you?

She looked at me like I was crazy. I was sitting in the beauty shop at the senior center. Yes - I said senior center. Oh how my life has changed in a few weeks! She asked me if I was a weekend caregiver and if I'd be bringing Grandma to the beauty shop every Saturday. I told her that I would, but also mentioned we lived with Grandma. Then came the look like I was nuts, and she mouthed the words so Grandma wouldn't hear “Are you serious? With her? Your family?”  Yes lady, I'm serious, and I don't mind at all. Has it always been fun and games? No. Do I have conversations about blood pressure, pills, bowel movements? Yes. Do I repeat myself a lot and speak louder? Yes. But that's okay.

I'm still a mom spending time with my kids, doing housework, working my part time job. But I also get the privilege of caring for a sweet woman of God who has lived her life long and well. Trust me – we all will get old, and it won't always be pretty. Our bodies will have issues out of our control. And I hope someone loves me well when I'm old and slow.

I'm grateful for this new life, and I pray for the wisdom and strength to do this new journey well. I pray I help and love Grandma the best I can, that my entire family will benefit from our constant time with Grandma. I pray that we will be more like Jesus and show unconditional sacrificial love.

So look at me like I'm crazy, lady, but I'm so happy with what God has entrusted us with!


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