Friday, August 16, 2013

5 minute friday - small

Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

I'm linking up with Lisa Jo Baker today for the 5 Minute Friday. Women from all over the world write on the same topic for 5 minutes. No editing allowed. 

Today's Prompt: Small

My sweet Daniel is about to enter Kindergarten. The school supplies are bought and he looks so small in that big backpack. Where did the time go? Kindergartners look so tiny entering a big elementary school. The moms worry for a few days (I know, I've done this 2x already) but then we realize they're just fine and having a blast! Those small kiddos will grow so much this year. My sweet boy will exit bigger and taller with new friends, the skills to read and write, and he'll exit an elementary student. You see, on Monday I'll cry some tears as my baby lets go of my hand and walks into his new classroom. He'll be timid and shy. Knowing his personality I may have to push him into the room. But he'll come home that day ready for more.  And by the time May rolls around my baby will have grown from small into a big elementary kid.


Five Minute Friday


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