Monday, August 12, 2013

declare // school days are almost here

I'm home from the Declare conference and simply put it was amazing.  I sat in on sessions with incredible speakers who overflow with incredible knowledge, heart, and passion.  To meet my sweet online friends was a dream come true and the community of new friends I made was a major bonus!  God gave me more grace and courage than I ever expected.  I feel like my head and heart are full. I'm looking forward to re-reading my notes and listening to the sessions I didn't attend.  I'll share more another time, but for now I'm relishing the great community of women I got to know face to face.  Like minded women who share a common goal - to Declare the glory of God.  One message and many voices.

I awoke this morning realizing one thing.  This is the last week of summer!  WHAT?!  With the recent move and difficulty of our employment journey the months flew by.  I have school supplies to buy.  Yep.  All of them. Lots of "to do" lists need to be made this today.  But I'm adding time together to that list and brainstorming fun activities to finish up our summer with.  Because just a week from today I'll be taking first day of school pictures and sending 2 of my kiddos out the door.

So I'm off -- to celebrate summer with my family all in one week!


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