Thursday, September 5, 2013

still waiting on test results

I look for the doctor's phone number ~ then I put it away.
I pick up the phone to call ~ then walk away.
I look for updates online ~ but I'm scared as I click the mouse.

We are over 5 weeks in waiting on results from Zachary's biopsy.  They told us it would take 4-6 weeks to learn if he has Lowe's Syndrome so i knew we'd be waiting a while.  But 5 1/2 weeks in I can't decide if I want to call and bug them for answers, or if I even want to not know the results.  It's a weird feeling and we've been here before, wondering about tests.  But this one feels different.  I don't know why.

Waiting, praying, keeping myself busy and distracted.

My eyes are ever on the Lord,


  1. We, too, are waiting for a diagnosis for our almost-4-year-old son. It's a strange feeling wanting a diagnosis, yet feeling relief every time a test is normal, but then again feeling a bit disappointed that answers weren't found. Hope you get answers soon! I found your blog through the (in)courage group I'm a part of. I hear you're going to co-lead it with Megan. Looking forward to sharing the special-needs journey together!