Sunday, September 8, 2013

weekend worship

The music.  They lyrics.  I'm playing this song this weekend and let me tell you, it ushers me straight to God the Father.  I want to cry and praise and shout all at the same time.  I've felt a cold cloak of sadness this summer. But my heavenly Father keeps meeting me in those dark shadows and showing his love and kindness to me again and again.  Take a listen below and have a blessed Sunday my friends.

When I feel the cold of winter 
And this cloak of sadness I need You 
All the evil things that shake me 
All the words that break me I need You

Over the mountains Over the sea 
Here You come running my lover to me

Do not hide me from Your presence 
Pull me from Your shadows I need You
Beauty wrap Your arms around me 
Sing Your song of kindness I need You

All through the valleys Through the dark of night 
Here You come running to hold me till it's light


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