Thursday, December 5, 2013

november's my new years

November feels like the start of a new year at our house.  Each year before Thanksgiving my amazing mom watches all of our kids for a few days so we can get away.  It’s never been an extravagant vacation but rather 3 days of REST.  For me I look forward to the time alone with Peter but also the 3 days of no cooking or laundry (I don’t even make my bed.  That’s what hotel room service is for!), not cleaning up after anyone but myself, and no child rearing.  We shop, watch movies (we saw 3!), talk, sit in the quiet, and refresh. Renew. It’s been awfully hard year and our hearts just needed the quiet.  We needed the stillness to just be and enjoy each other.

Here's us.  Morning #1.  Food Network shows we never get to watch at home.  If it wasn't for the need for coffee I think we could've sat there and not moved for hours.

We love to sit at Barnes and Noble and browse.  I desperately want this cookbook for Christmas.  Every single recipe looks amazing!!!

Lots of restaurant meals.  Oh how I love this part each year!  Not cooking.  At all.

This Monday was back to the grind after a week away.  But coming back after Thanksgiving always feels like a new beginning.  I’m back to the laundry and dishes, the schedules and meals, caring for Grandma and a special needs son, and keeping up with my work responsibilities.  But I’m refreshed and ready to start again and keep going!

And I think I’ll try to find other times to rest and refresh throughout the upcoming year!  I'm learning how much it's needed to take care of myself if I'm going to be my best for others.


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