Tuesday, July 8, 2014

a rest from therapy

It’s Monday night as I sit here writing and today was nothing like a typical Monday.  Life seems to stand still today and I am rested, refreshed, and quiet.  My older 3 kids are off spending most of this week with Grandparents, an Aunt, Uncle, and cousins.  Zachary is an only child this week and I think so far he doesn’t mind!  He likes the quiet like I do so we are soaking it all in – for now!  I’m sure we’ll crave the activity of a houseful in a couple days.  Amidst all of the deep cleaning I did this morning with no extra kids around, I found time to read a book in the afternoon.  Unbelievable!

Not only are the kids away to make the day slow but this week there is NO crazy therapy schedule!  As I drove to Walmart this afternoon my car almost automatically headed towards therapy.  Zachary has “graduated” from his first round of intensive therapy and amidst the excitement for a much more open schedule I think we already miss our therapists who have become more like family to Zachary and I. 

Intensive therapy, which included 8 sessions of PT/OT a week was absolutely the best choice for Zachary.  He progressed at a pace I never thought possible.  By the end of our crazy schedule he was walking with a walker, standing at a wall with one hand, crawling on all fours, and drawing circles on a magna-doodle.  We are amazed with his progress!

But now the hard part.  For the next 4 months it’s all on our shoulders now to continue to push and challenge him.  We were sent home with pages of pictures and instructions on how to keep him learning and we have the equipment we need.  We have our UpSee (what an incredible gift and help it is especially when we are Z’s only therapists for 4 months!), a walker, and soon will get his Orthotics (little foot braces).  It’s so much easier to take him to therapy and let a professional who know what they are doing spend hours a day with him.  Me?  I find myself surrounded by laundry and cleaning and job responsibilities.  I didn’t sign up to be a physical therapist!  But I guess God signed me up for this over 3 years ago.  He blessed us with a special needs boy and with that comes the need to find/make the time to be therapist, nurse, caregiver, mommy. 

I pray about how all of this time off will work.  I pray for the creativity and discipline I need to spend time helping Z continue to progress.  I thank God for this quieter week and seek direction on being the best mommy Zachary needs.  (And I look forward to 4 months from now when we see our PT and OT therapists and friends and start therapy mania all over again!)


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