Wednesday, August 26, 2015

praying for gains - join me?

Many of you know I've found a new passion for health and fitness.  While I might be working hard to count my calories & watch my nutrition to lose the final stubborn pounds, I'm adding butter, oil, high calorie powder and more to Zachary's food and praying he gains weight!

Zachary has been on a downward spiral for about a month.  He eats pretty good but the weight has been slipping - every weight check lately he's lost a bit..  The majority of Lowe Syndrome kids end up on G-tubes and we are sure hoping this is not the direction we're headed.

What are we doing?  Pumping the calories and praying!  Praying lots that my little man starts to gain again. Even a tiny gain upward and stopping the downward spiral would be fantastic.

Here's 2 ways to pray...

1. That Zachary would grow and gain weight

2. That Zachary would once again begin to drink his Pediasure.  One of the keys in the past to his ever so slow gain has been his drinking 3+ cans of Pediasure per day.  His large shipment of mega-calorie Pediasure arrived this week and my heart sunk a little knowing he's refusing to drink it lately.  I'm hiding it in his baby cereal to still get some in him, but my faith that he'll ever lose his stubbornness and drink it is fading.  Will you pray with me that he'll shock us all and start drinking it again?  (Right now if it's not pure water in a regular cup he refuses to touch it)

Trusting GOD can do miracles! (and signing off because we need to head to yet another weight check at the doctor)


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