Wednesday, June 22, 2016

More Doctor Appointments

My mind is spinning after 2 ½ hours of doctor appointments.  Lab work results fill the majority of our face to face time with the doctors.  So many numbers.  Ferratin. Calcium. Protein. SED Rate. Creatinine. The list goes on and on. The words are big and the numbers they read off don’t mean much to me. Medicines are adjusted per the test results. We leave with orders for more lab draws next week to re-check after a week with upped medicine doses.  We leave the busy office with our heads spinning but grateful hearts.

I could not ask for better doctors.  They know their stuff. Big time. One doctor somewhat familiar with Lowe Syndrome, the other doctor not so much.  We learn he lies awake at night thinking about Zachary and what might be causing this and that.  A large hospital doctor who went straight from surgery to the little office room with our little guy.  I learn more in that hour+ with Doctor VD than I have anywhere else.  He takes his time and re-teaches us every single time.  I walk away tired, grateful, and a little bit more intelligent! He has his hypothesis about this and that and I think he’s right.  I’m just so grateful he cares.

We head to the elevator with updated prescriptions, multiple pages of lab orders, a big xray to schedule, and a precious boy.  I’m thankful for these exhausting day trips. Just Peter, Zachary, and I.  Three months until we do it all again.  Our little date in the big city.


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