Monday, August 22, 2016

Family Nights

“Can we have a family night?” 

I hear it ALL the time. One thing our kiddos love are family nights. Typically what they mean when they ask for a family night is “Can we stay up late and watch a movie?” 

There’s not much I love more than evenings in the family room on the couch watching a cartoon with my kids. Piles of pillows, blankets, popcorn, a cartoon, and my family of 6 making memories that will last a lifetime. (Of course a certain 8 and 12 year old love to take advantage of family nights as an excuse to stay up late and watch a movie any day of the week. They aren’t always granted their wish!)

Filling the dining room table with board games and late night trips to the ice cream parlor or coffee shop also top my favorite “family night” memories to make.

I’m sure you too have those favorite moments with your family, enjoying these kiddos while they’re young. As a mom of a now junior in high school I believe it more than ever - these years go WAY. TOO. FAST.

Need a new family game? Here’s some of our favorites! 
(Click on the images below to check them out!)

Our growing children remind me to truly savor every moment and take time to stop. To stop sitting at the computer, turn the phone off, internet distractions, and just BE

Disconnecting is SO hard in the cyber world we live in. We have so much constantly available at the click of a button on a screen. 

It’s hard for me to shut down. I struggle to sit and watch a movie without thinking I need to check my phone. I fail at this again and again. But when I do turn it all off, I’m so grateful I made the choice to unplug, look in my children’s eyes, and see and hear them with nothing else to grab my attention.

So turn it off. Make those family nights happen!

And I’m happy to have you help me be accountable to shut down the screens. Every day. Every week. To just stop it all and make time to just BE - our family of 6 who sees and hears each other.

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