Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fit Challenges for Real People

We just finished out workout for tonight. Technically it was our day for T25 Cardio, but I smashed my pinky toe this morning on a door and the nail split all the way down. Blood. Pain. Yep! 

No way was I putting a shoe on my right foot tonight so we lifted weights again today. I'm not complaining about the workout - I love the weight lifting! My competitive nature comes out and I push hard because I want to one day out-lift my husband. Will that happen? Doubt it! But at least it pushes me harder!

Peter and I have been coming up with 2 week mini-challenges for you - and us! 

Do you ever feel lost when it comes to making healthy and fit choices? 

Do you see your Facebook feed flooded with skinny and muscular bodies? 

I may have been working out consistently for 2+ years and I can guarantee I don't look like those toned models. 

We've created these challenges for the normal people like you and I. 

Ready to take some baby steps, learn a bit, and make make some new habits? 

Our first challenge post is already scheduled and will go live right here on the blog next Tuesday. 

Come back and join us for the Simply Fit Challenge #1 - August 29!

All you'll need to do is follow along here on my site for each bi-weekly challenge. Make sure you follow the Jess Newland Fitness Facebook page and my Instagram for videos & ideas throughout the challenges.

But until we start August 29, you're not off the hook! 

I have a couple mini challenges for you to get started on now...

1. Make a schedule for when you'll make time for exercise. Start with just 4-5 days a week. Schedule it and make it happen! Deal? 

2. Spread the word and find an accountability partner to join you on these little challenges. Daily exercising with my hubby and keeping track of my workouts in an accountability fitness group online has been critical for me.

Follow our family's stories in our daily vlogs on YouTube HERE!


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