Monday, September 26, 2016

Simply Fit Challenge #3

Last time we talked about challenge #2, increasing clean foods and decreasing processed foods. Hopefully after 2 weeks it's feeling a bit easier and you now have a list of go-to easy but clean meals! Remember you can visit my Simply Fit Challenge Pinterest page for recipe ideas. And if you want a full week meal plan including breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner, fill out the comment section in the right sidebar of this page and say "I want the full meal plan!"

Challenge #3 takes a break from a new nutrition goal but moves into an exercise goal.

Step #3: Increase Stamina Vs. Decrease Your Expectations

By increasing your stamina over the next 2 weeks, you're going to push harder.

Going on a daily walk or run? Try to go a few minutes longer!
Lifting weights? Try to lift a couple pounds heavier.
Working out to a 25 minute fitness DVD every day? Add in a few minutes of sit-ups.

Make the gradual increase in your stamina and you'll eventually notice a big difference in how you feel!

Decreasing your expectations is not easy. We see the fitness professional on the workout DVD, the images online of skinny legs and people posing with their ripped abs.

Don't aim too high! You need realistic expectations.

I've grown in my belly and birthed 4 kids. I guarantee I'm not going to finish a workout program and look like Jillian Michaels in a month. Over time can I make amazing progress? Sure! But when I think I'm going to have ripped abs in a month I suddenly get discouraged. And that discouragement can lead to giving up.

These little changes are goals over a longer period of time that we usually like. Decrease your massive expectations and make little goals. Maybe first shoot to lose 3 pounds. Or make it your goal fit into that shirt that is hanging in your closet that is a little too tight to wear.

Little goal by little goal and you'll be extremely proud of your progress whether you look like a fitness model or not. I sure don't!

That's it. Your #3 goal is to Increase Your Stamina and Decrease Your Expectations. Let's keep each other accountable and over the next 2 weeks make some little changes!

Don't forget what else you should already be doing...

- Make a schedule for when you'll make time for exercise. Start with just 4-5 days a week. Schedule it and make it happen!

- Find an accountability partner to join you on these little challenges. Daily exercising with my hubby and keeping track of my workouts in an accountability fitness group online has been critical for me.

Step 1: Increasing Water and Decreasing Sugar

Step 2: Increasing Clean Foods and Decreasing Processed Foods

Need some ideas on how to make time for your workouts? Read my ideas HERE.

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Make sure you follow the Jess Newland Fitness Facebook page and my Instagram for videos & ideas throughout the challenges.

What is the Simply Fit Challenge?

Every two weeks we'll introduce a new goal to work on. Each challenge will focus on a different area to INCREASE and DECREASE.  Follow along and hopefully by the time the New Year comes around you'll already be way ahead of everyone else who is trying to just begin to set their weight loss resolution goals.


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