Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Low Cost Fun Family Outdoor Games

There’s not much I like more than quiet evenings and weekends with just our little family hanging out together. Now that the weather is warming up, we’re ready to bust out of the house and be outside after school and on the weekends.

Here are 2 fun games we have enjoyed playing in the backyard and at the park with simple supplies we purchased at the dollar store and Walmart. You may even have several of these supplies already hiding in the playroom or your garage!

Balloon Ring Toss


Hula Hoops
Helium latex balloons
Black permanent marker

Attach each balloon a heavy object to weight it down. (We used some bigger toy cars)

Write different point values on the balloons with a black permanent marker.

This game really needs no explanation. Take turns throwing the hula hoops trying to “ring” the balloon. Take score (we used sidewalk chalk), and have fun!

Hula Hoop Frisbee Golf


Several hula hoops (Dollar Tree)
Frisbees of different colors (We got ours at Walmart for .97 each)

It’s simple - toss the hula hoops into an open field, and keep score similar to miniature golf, trying to get your frisbee inside the hula hoop in as little turns as possible.

We went to an open field at a huge park and had a blast.

What are your favorite cheap but fun family games? Share below!


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