Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring into Fitness Sale!

Every year, April is a significant month for me - it was 3 years ago in April when I made health changes that stuck. After starting and stopping my weight loss goals again and again for 14+ years after having my first baby, I had finally made a healthy new habit and found the key to losing the baby weight. Something about the month of April since 2014 seems like a renewal and reminder of how far Peter and I have come.

April is a reminder of how much better Peter and I feel now than we did in 2014. It's a reminder that if we can make a few healthy changes that stick, anyone can!

Do you Netflix?

I have a question for you - do you "Netflix" or "Hulu?" If you're like us, the way you watch TV has changed. We rarely ever sit down to watch a show when it airs on TV anymore. For one I hate the commercials. But also I need to watch our shows when it's convenient for Peter and I. Let me introduce you to the convenient Netflix-like fitness.

Introducing Beachbody On Demand

Beachbody On Demand is my "Netflix" for fitness. Absolutely EVERY SINGLE exercise program that Beachbody has released or will release is available for me to stream. With my 1 year membership I get it all!

"Back in the day" I would have to purchase P90X3 and when I complete it, I would have to buy another series. Not anymore! I have every single workout available to me. I don't have to find time to go to the gym. I absolutely love doing these incredible workouts with world renown trainers in the comfort of my living room! 

All you need is an iPad, iPhone, laptop, or streaming device (Roku, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, etc.) to access it all. On Demand also includes a cooking show and all of the eating plans that come with every workout program. It's truly insane. Welcome to 2017, right?! Things sure have changed.

What's more insane is the price. The On Demand challenge pack that includes a month of Shakeology is usually $199. For over $6,000 worth of workouts! But for a limited time the price has been dropped to $160! 

Here's what included:

* 1 year membership to On Demand
* 1 month supply of Shakeology
* Portion control program with containers
* Coach support! I will help you every step of the way to help you reach your goals

 If you're ready to give it a try, you can purchase using the links below. 

Once you purchase, drop me a message and I'll walk you through getting started and invite you to join our fitness accountability group!

I'm here if you have any questions. Just ask!



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