Saturday, April 8, 2017

8 Super Cheap Family Fun Ideas

As the family grows, so does the amount of money it takes to do fun things with your kids. Our family has taken 1 family vacation in our 17 years of parenting. Unfortunately we just can't afford the big trips some families take. But I will say we still have all the fun. Finding fun family activities that cost nothing or very little has been a fun little challenge. I'm excited to share 8 of our favorite ways to have family fun for little or no money!

8 Cheap Family Fun Ideas

1. Dollar store games at the park

Some of our favorite Saturdays at the park have been with cheap dollar store supplies. With simple hula hoops, frisbees, and cheap helium balloons we have a blast at the park.

*How-to post for these fun games coming soon!

Hula Frisbee Golf

Balloon Ring Toss

2. Bike rides and ice cream

Let the kids ride their bikes, throw the baby in the stroller, and get outside! We love to walk to our little ice cream parlor for cheap ice cream cones. Don't have an ice cream parlor nearby? Stopping at a nearby gas station for a large fountain drink to share can be a treat they'll love. 

Hey - if the kids are riding their bikes just a little ahead, you kind of get a nice quiet walk to chat with your spouse! It's like a little date! :) Well - kind of. 

3. Backyard campfire

I just love evenings when we light up the campfire pit on the back porch after dinner. We roast marshmallows, sip on coffee and hot chocolate, and just hang out together. Make a "foil dinner" or roast hot dogs in the fire for a super easy meal!

4. Outside dance party

We have a couple afternoons a week when the after school hours aren't filled with appointments or meetings. I try to take at least 1 of those afternoons to come up with something fun for the kids and I to do before dinner prep needs to take place. 

Honestly, if I ask what they want to do, they usually ask for this fun idea. We simply take our bluetooth speaker and my phone outside and blast the music. If you dropped in unannounced yesterday, you would have found us jumping on the trampoline and dancing to our favorite album, the Trolls soundtrack. Don't have a trampoline? Turn up the music and play with sidewalk chalk!

5. Amazon Prime or Netflix movie

Last night was a Friday night at home and we were trying to decide on something fun and free to do. Peter and I were beyond tired after a busy week and were definitely happy to just sit and chill out with a movie. We found a fun family movie that was included with Amazon Prime. It cost us nothing, the kids loved it, and we didn't have to move off the couch! :) Both Amazon and Netflix are constantly adding to their family movies, so find a good one, pop some popcorn, and stay in tonight!

6. Board game night

We absolutely love board games. Now that the kids are getting older it's extra fun to be playing "big people" games but of course pulling out Candy Land is fun too. After dinner, have everyone put on their PJs, brew coffee for the parents, and pick a game! 

(By the time the game is done, it's probably bedtime. Win!) 

Here's a few of our current family favorite games...




7. Zoo Membership

Hang with me for a second - I know buying a membership to the zoo or aquarium isn't cheap. BUT we make it possible by using our Christmas and birthday money to purchase annual family passes to the zoo and aquarium. When we have a free day on the weekend it costs us nothing to load up the car and head out for a day trip to our local zoo or head out of town to visit the nearby aquarium. 

Peter's tip? Try dancing outside the aquarium and embarrassing your kids. Ha! Okay - maybe not.

8. Birthday clubs = food and fun

I sign up for every possible birthday club I come across. April is my birthday month and we already have a free hour of bowling for the family and free food from restaurants. The kids get free coupons for trampoline places, bowling, roller skating, etc. on their birthdays. Use those coupons for a cheap and fun day out!

What are your favorite cheap or free family activities?

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