Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Favorites

How many of you are rejoicing to have made it through the first full week of school? 
We're all trying to adjust to the early morning routines again. 
And getting kids to bed on time? Ya that's not easy either! 

I thought it'd be fun to bring back a Friday Favorites post. Life here is NUTSO as I spend 24/7 taking care of Zachary post-surgery. What better way to clear my head than to think of my favorite things! 


I spend a lot of time in my comfy Ikea red chair next to Zachary's crib. He's like a little Houdini who can get out of his big wedge leg brace at a moments notice which means I can't leave his side. I picked back up this book I'd started a while back titled The Lucky Few and I can hardly put it down. I've laughed and cried as I read Heather's words. She writes about finding God's best for their life in the most unlikely places. You'd love it! I suggest grabbing it on Amazon as it's on sale right now


I know, I know, it's not the healthiest favorite of mine but let me tell you - the Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato is my favorite splurge and pick-me-up on a tired day. And I have a lot of those tired days lately! I can call it somewhat healthy because of the coconut milk, right?!


I'll follow up that sugary drink post favorite with my new favorite health and wellness supplements. Adding these probiotics and vitamins to our daily routine has literally rocked our world. 

As you know, Peter and I have been trying to live a healthy and active lifestyle for the past couple of years - with great results! But adding these daily supplements to our routine has immensely changed how we feel. 

Peter's migraines are practically GONE, we have energy throughout the day, and don't have the cravings we did. I'm blown away.

I'm joining a 7 day "gut health" challenge in September to learn more about these supplements and I can't wait to learn more about the benefits of taking care of my body from the inside out.

Send me an email at or comment below if you want me to share our routine. 
I'm so grateful we gave these a try. 
And trust me - I was a skeptic!


While living in the hospital and then in survival mode at home, these Neutrogena face cloths have become another favorite. They get off my makeup easily and leave my face feeling clean and fresh in less than a minute. Of course it's not my only skin care regimen but these days it's what I need!
I've found they're much better priced on Amazon than the store when you buy them in a bundle and of course save even more adding them to your Subscribe and Save order!


Lets be honest. I don't always have a moment to shower and don't leave the house much these days. Over the past couple of weeks I've grown to love wearing a hat and a braid. How cute is this one
I think it's going on my Christmas wish list!


Our YouTube channel is still alive and kicking. As we've been in this post-surgery exhaustion, we threw up a few "Insta-Vlogs" as I call them, taken from my Instagram Stories. It's quick an easy. Check them out! 

We did pull out the real camera on Sunday and filmed a bit for you. We just love savoring these memories to look on for years to come. Pour a cup of coffee and binge on some Newland Chronicles why don't ya. 
We appreciate it!


Last week I sat in Zachary's room talking on the phone to my long time friend Kim. She warned me of "hitting a wall" as it were with all I'm doing to care for Zachary and surviving on very little sleep. I remember telling her "I'm doing pretty good." And then the next day happened. It was like she knew exactly what was coming. I slumped over on the rails of Zachary's crib looking at him and sobbed. I was just so tired. Enter a new week - we made it to Friday - and we have a nurse starting! Today! 

She'll be with us 2 days a week, I have no idea exactly what to expect, but as you read this we are getting to know what it's like to have nursing help in the home. I'm a tired mom who hasn't touched a lot of the housework in weeks. I'm sure there will be lots of catching up - and napping - and running some important errands I have had no time for. 

I'm so grateful.

Happy Friday friends! 
Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. That mocha looks really good. I'll have to try it sometime. I'm glad you are getting some in home help. Hopefully it will give you the boost you need. Enjoy your weekend!