Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Stuck at Home!

Hi friends! I can't believe it's been 2 weeks already since I posted last that we were about to go in for Zachary's surgery. It's been an exhausting but good 2 weeks. Zachary's surgery was a success and we are now in the long recovery phase. He has about 4 weeks left in his wedge pillow/brace.

Zachary and I spend most of our day in his room - my trying to keep him from escaping the said wedge pillow and also keeping him happy and entertained. I can't say 6 year olds were made to sit or lay down all day. It's been a challenge. 

I'm hanging in there - lots of sleepless nights waking up to tend to Zachary and now that he is feeling well enough and off his strong pain meeds he doesn't see the need to nap during the day. Cue the added yawns and extra cups of coffee for me. 

We are SO very grateful for the love and care you, our family and friends, have shown towards us in the past 2 weeks. The texts, phone calls, meals, gift cards, etc. have meant so much and truly kept us going. 
Thank you!

We pulled out the vlogging camera on Sunday and captured a "day in the life" of what recovery is looking like right now.  
We hope you enjoy!

I keep pretty active on Instagram Stories so feel free to stop by daily and see how we're doing!


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