Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Not only is it Friday, but it's a long holiday weekend!
*fist bump*

A long weekend here means my brother is coming to town to visit and Peter has an extra day off work.
Translation? I have help with Zachary! That deserves another *first bump* - and a hallelujah! I sit by that sweet kiddo almost 24/7 and re-adjust the straps to that wedge brace he's wearing roughly every 3 minutes. I haven't lost my mind yet, but we're close.

Lets jump right to it. Here are my favorites from this week!


My first "favorite" is straight from the garden. Take a look at that bionic zucchini! Our garden is practically overflowing with delicious produce. I think that massive zucchini was ripe around surgery time but we were so busy we didn't even see it or pick it in time. I plan to shred that puppy and freeze the it for yummy zucchini bread.

I stepped outside today to pick more cucumbers and came inside with 12 of them. Anyone know a good way to use up cucumbers?! I may need to track down some mason jars and try this recipe!

*Hint: Check back next week for a very special zucchini bread recipe! :) *


Have you hopped on the Lipsense train yet? My cousin is a Lipsense Distributor and I gave it a try a few months ago. It took about a week for my lips to adjust but now I am absolutely loving it! I may live in comfy clothes and not do my hair much while I'm home every day with Zachary, but you'll usually find me with my lips on. This smudge proof stuff is the real deal! Even after a sweaty workout my lips looks the same. Check out my cousin Annie's FB page HERE if you want to see what it's all about. Drop her a comment in her page and tell her I sent you! :)


I'm getting into this new groove of living in workout clothes. Honestly, unless it's a day our nurse is here, I don't leave the house and I simply live in comfort. In fact, I had a meeting at church the other night, put my jeans and thought "Yuck! This is so uncomfortable!" (This coming from a person who usually lives solely in jeans!)

If you haven't discovered FABLETICS yet, you are missing out! I signed up for the insanely cheap first outfit they were offering and I fell in love. If you use THIS LINK, you can get 2 pair of leggings for $24! They have the cutest tops and the black leggings I received from them are my favorite. 

Fabletics is Kate Hudson's brand-new line of activewear. As a VIP member, you'll get instant access to discounted prices and new personalized outfits every month. Plus, it's free to join! 


I told you last week about the new supplements we have been taking. We've been so in awe with Peter's migraines leaving and the energy we have that we had Travis start taking them. Travis too suffers with migraines and the typical teenage tired and foggy brain. OH MY WORD people. I feel like I have a different kid! He's feeling good and his mood and energy has improved. As his mom I think this is quite tremendous! :) 

The only problem? Now I ran out of it! WHAT was I thinking sharing the good stuff?!

This pro-biotic is called VitalBiome and we take it every morning first thing when we wake up. 

VitalBiome is a revolutionary probiotic with clinically-demonstrated ingredients that help improve your health and your mood! Its exceptional formula delivers 8 diverse probiotic strains that reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, reduce GI distress, and rebalance your gut microflora, dramatically improving your health and happiness. I swear that it's helped our quality of sleep at night too.


* Helps reduce feelings of stress & improve mood

* Helps reduce GI distress

* Stabilizes stress hormones & promotes relaxation

* Supports a healthy immune system

* Helps relieve bloating & bowel discomfort

Send me an email at or comment below if you want more details. You can also visit HERE to learn more about it.  

I'm still so so grateful we gave these a try. We're now considering putting Kaylee on some of the vitamins as well. We've noticed that big of a benefit. 


Did you catch this recipe from earlier this week on my blog? Peter and I have had this stir fry for lunch at least 
3x this week. It's so good and super quick. Check it out!


I was beyond excited to share this post with you all this week. We have felt so loved and cared for during the long recovery with Zachary. So many of our friends and family have reminded me the importance of a personal touch and a simple gesture. I hope you'll read my post How to Support a Weary Friend and share it with anyone you think might benefit! 

Happy Friday friends! 
Have a wonderful long weekend.


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