Monday, March 4, 2013

Snow Day Family Fun

One of my highlights of last week was SNOW!  We've had a snow day & two delayed starts at school in the past week and a half, and last Sunday was quite the blizzard in our part of town.  I love a good family game, and getting stuck at home!  One of our favorite games these days is Qwirkle.  We've found it's fun for all ages.  My parents & grandparents love to play it when they come, but even now 5 year old Daniel loves it and is able to play on his own.  Highly recommend it!  These are shots from our "stuck at home while it's snowing and blowing like crazy outside" day.

This is the teenage pose.  He really was having fun. 

See?  There's a smile!

Yes, I picked that crazy guy as my husband.  What can I say?  I love him!  Craziness and all!

Notice the fun teenager again, in the background!

And this one just cracks me up.  Zachary is SO flexible and limber with his low muscle tone.  He reminds me of a frog! :)

Remembering the fun times, and keeping my eyes on the Lord,


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