Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Fragile Files - Weekly Link Up

The Fragile Files weekly link up is a chance to connect with other families with medically fragile kiddos. Our weeks are busy, tiring, stressful, and full of JOY. God's little fragile children he entrusted us with are precious gifts. Daily chances to see God at work!

THIS WEEK was a busy one for Zachary. It started off with a bang. Monday Zachary needed his labs done.  We needed to get blood and urine tests for his nephrology and hematology appointments on Tuesday. Unfortunately the lab considered his lab work orders expired and after 4 phone calls I finally had the correct orders emailed to me. We hurried to the lab wanting to get the blood drawn so it could be processed in time and the results could be sent to our doctor before the next day's appointment. Here's a fact for you.  A child will NEVER pee in the little bag in his diaper when you want him to. Zachary always have to have urine tests - I tell you, it's a party over here! Since we could not get Zachary's urine when we needed it we headed home - I collected it later and rushed it over before they closed. Why do I always wait until the last minute?  I should learn my lessons.
Tuesday was doctor appointments.  You can get a glimpse of it HERE.  We have a wonderful Nephrologist and Hematologist.  So grateful.

The rest of the week for Zachary and I was filled with therapy appointments, tube feedings, medicines, and cleaning up vomit.  Yep - we made it a week without throwing up.  I guess a week is his limit!

Here's what I'm praying for this week...

1. Timing of getting some big X-rays done before his next big appointment in 2 weeks.
2. Quick insurance approval of his medical crib.
3. I'm still praying our boy surprises and starts to WALK. Praying sometimes in faith and if I'm honest sometimes with hidden doubt that it's possible he'll really walk.  But still praying none the less!

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